Plastic- soft pot

Soft- black pots use to plan tree, nurseries, suitable for seeding plan, forest, vera.

Color: Black, Red, White.

Pots are soft, flexible plastic, long – lasting in planting and cultivate seedlings as flower, Ornamental plants, decorate flower,... smart design, lots of hole, less hole or no hole. Thus, it’s suitable for different weather area. Not only planting flower, pots also use to plant the root of ginger, saffron,vera...

Soft -pots have 3  main kinds:

Planting Pot: thick to plant  long-day crops. 

Pot for a short period of time: reasonable thick, cheaper for short-day crops which plant and sell, save money. 

3K pots: combine flexible, long-lasting, cheap to save money effectively. 


+ Pot BlackDL2 (Ø)76 x (H)70 x (Ø)56mm                           + Pot BlackĐS3 (Ø)250 x (H)200 x (Ø)210mm

+ Pot BlackDL3 (Ø)100 x (H)90 x (Ø)80mm                         + Pot BlackĐS4 (Ø)280 x (H)230 x (Ø)230mm

+ Pot BlackG06 (Ø)135 x (H)125 x (Ø)100mm                     + Pot BlackĐS4.1 (Ø)290 x (H)270 x (Ø)230mm

+ Pot BlackG07 (Ø)150 x (H)135 x (Ø)125mm                     + Pot BlackĐS4.1 (Ø)290 x (H)270 x (Ø)230mm

+ Pot BlackG08 (Ø)175 x (H)155 x (Ø)145mm                     + Pot BlackĐS5 (Ø)330 x (H)270 x (Ø)250mm

+ Pot BlackG09 (Ø)190 x (H)175 x (Ø)165mm                     + Pot BlackĐS6 (Ø)360 x (H)270 x (Ø)290mm

+ Pot BlackĐS2 (Ø)230 x (H)170 x (Ø)170mm                     + Pot BlackĐS7 (Ø)400 x (H)270 x (Ø)325mm

+ Pot White CM 180 (Ø)180 x (H)140 x (Ø)125mm            + Pot White CM 200 (Ø)195 x (H)150 x (Ø)140mm