Nets are used to dry rice, sesame, cheap nets are used dry agricultural products.

Dry nets

Color: White, Blue, Emerald., Black, Organe


+Wide: 1.0m;   1,4m;  1,8m;  2,1m; 2,5m, 2,7m, 3.3m

+Length: 46m ; 48m;  or depend on customer’s  need

Use: The density of  nets is enough to create an open-air,  prevent little puddle of  water, prevent humid. Therefore, they suitable for drying rice, pea, sesame. Especially, the dry of agriculture is faster than dry by Nilon. Because drying nets are light, easy to clean after using so many customers chose them. Other sides, Drying agricultural products are also used to dry seafood as fish, shrimp. Because of the light, It’s easy to save and reuse, save money.