Loi Loi Dan Company specializes in producing and supplying plastic nets and plastic pots used in agriculture with diverse designs and features suitable to consumers' needs.

About us

Vision and mission
Quality of products


Loi Loi Dan CO., LTD was founded in 2005. So far, we have been proud of about:

Professional process, quality assured, standard system,  contingent of skilled managerial staff,

We felt that these are the only culture working which is honest, conscientious, would we be free to give diversified products to the consumers, as agricultural net, insect net, shading net, breeding net, life net (hammock)... The advantages of these products are " tough, long and solid structure". Loi Loi Dan has also got that working with the spirit of creativity and passion would give consumers flower pots (planter, pot for a short period of time, lacing shape pot...) with the advantage “ more and more durable”.

To do this, we always consistent to follow the core philosophy “efficiency in each operation is effective on a string of business” .

For safe – prosperity – beautiful – substantial agriculture, we should work, listen and thoughtfully to  make prestigious agricultural Vietnam products.

1.    The core mission

“Efficiency in each operation is effective on a string of business and bring happiness to everybody” 

               2. Loi Loi Dan’s vision 

To 2020, Loi Loi Dan is going to be the most favorite supplier of nets àn plastic pots.

              3. Positive Trusted ( to all staff of Loi Loi Dan Co,LTD)

Success available inside you

I listen enough → I understand exactly

I see myself → I make the right decision.

I change myself → Change to success

             4. Loi Loi Dan’s culture: 

“ Honest – conscientious” & “ Love career – live together”

             5.For customer – consumer: 

Standard Brand

High credibility. 

            6. Slogan:

For safe – prosperity – beautiful – substantial agriculture

By state of the art technology, modern equipment, imported material from the international supplier, as well as manager process from start to make the complete  product. Therefor,  Loi Loi Dan’s product is reliable.

Thread: “ tough”

Nets “many sizes and durable”  

Pots: “more and more durable” 

Slogan : “ connecting quality to communication” Loi Loi Dan Co., LTD ensure to bring customer the best quality products, the best price and meet customer demand quickly.


Producing flower pots and agriculture nets


Listening, service and respect customers


resist to the extreme weather, long-lasting material, make difference, more be satisfied


Polite and happy, listening and cooperation.

Services of Loi Loi Dan Co., LTD

Services of Loi Loi Dan Co., LTD

- CHẬU: chậu nhựa (cứng & mềm), chậu ươm; Khay chậu nhựa, khay lỗ mốt xốp…;
- CHỈ: chỉ nhựa có kiểm định đạt chất lượng về độ dai, không bông xù... đường kính cở chỉ từ 0.16mm đến 0.30mm;
- TRỤC: trục có đủ khổ từ 1m đến 4m, chất lượng trục cứng, phẳng đều....;
- LƯỚI: lưới bao che xây dựng cao ốc, lưới nhà kính, lưới che nắng, lưới chắn côn trùng, lưới hổ trợ hoa, lưới phơi lúa…;
- MÀNG: màng phủ đất diệt cỏ, màng nhà kính;
- TÚI: túi ươm cây, túi trồng kiểng, bọc lót 


- POT: plastic pot ( soft and solid), pot for nursery, plastic tray, tray